Daily Hammam Mitt - NEW


Here at Daily Concepts, we wanted to create a product with results you can see and feel almost instantly! The Daily Hammam Mitt is a vigorous textured exfoliating mitt that removes dead skin, and visibly improves skin texture and appearance.   

The Daily Hammam Mitt is inspired by a Turkish Bath Exfoliating Mitt, also called Hammam, traditionally used to deeply exfoliate away dead skin. Hammam is known to naturally improve the skin’s overall texture and complexion by reducing acne, ingrown hairs, bumpy skin, and by stimulating lymphatic drainage and increasing blood circulation, leaving your skin feeling smooth, healthy, and radiant! 


  1. Soak in a hot bath or shower to soften the skin and prepare for exfoliation.   
  2. Wet the Daily Hammam Mitt by soaking in hot water, then wringing out excess water until damp.   
  3. On softened, clean skin, place hand in the Daily Hammam Mitt and use an up and down or back and forth motion on arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders. You will see the dead skin begin to lift off and roll away from the skin.  
  4. Rinse off completely and finish off with a body moisturizer or oil.    
  5. Clean and rinse out any excess water from The Daily Hammam Mitt and store in a well-ventilated area to dry.  

To not irritate the skin, use 1-3 times a week  


The Daily Hammam Mitt comes with SMART LABEL TECHNOLOGY. When the writing on label fades, it is time to replace your Daily Hammam Mitt! (After approximately 90 days of use).   

Pro Tip:  

The Daily Hammam Mitt helps remove fake tan as well as prepares the skin for a future fake tan application.  

What we love about the Daily Hammam Mitt:  

  • Known to reduce acne, ingrown hairs, and bumpy skin  
  • Known to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation  
  • SMART LABEL TECHNOLOGY, indicating the Daily Hammam Mitt should be replaced when the writing on the label fades (approximately 90 days)  
  • This product is organic, vegan, and has NEVER been tested on animals, as well as clinically, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  
  • This product is now biodegradable thanks to the Ecologic technology that enhances the biodegradation of the fibers in microbe-rich landfills  



Components/Materials Used:  

Organic Cotton, Polyamide, Polyester 


      Cruelty free product by Daily concepts