Facial Spa Mitts (per pair)- Grey and White


One size fits all in a soft microfibre cotton fabric. These mitts reduce laundry cost as they are not as bulky as hand towels yet used in the same way in hot towel cabins. They feel supper soft and luxurious.      DV15-304-UL

20 x 13cm 

Material:       Microfiber   (80% Polyester  20% Polyamide) 

Color:    White & Grey

Dimensions: 20 x 13cm

Dry quickly to eliminate bacterial growth.

Reusable use up to 1000 times and everything comes clean; no stains and remains soft. 

All natural, no chemicals, and machine washable.  Perfect for people who suffer from acne and allergies achieve better results without the use of harsh chemicals or fabrics.


TIP - add 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the wash with the mitts for their first wash to make them super absorbent.

1.Wash blow 40 degrees centigrade.
2. No bleacher and softener.
3. Separate fabrics and colors when washing.
4. Do not iron.
5. Hang dry or place into the dryer (no shrinkage)