Rose Quartz Full Mask Gem Mask - IN STOCK NOW


Our beautiful full face Rose Quartz face mask is the most loving thing you can buy for your face. Handmade this mask will depuff, help move lymph and toxins in the skin, calm redness, tone and firm and reduce inflammation in the skin due to breakouts especially from face masks during COVID.

You can place onto clean skin directly, ontop of a sheet mask or ontop of your favourite serum.

Immerse yourself in radiant luxury with our Rose Quartz face mask. you or your spa clients will love the cooling, loving vibrations of this precious gemstone mask. Used for centuries in ancient beauty rituals it will give you a luxurious facial experience in the comfort of your own home.  

Can also put in the fridge or freezer for extra cooling especially if you suffer from menopause or acne.


- Depuff the eyes and face
- Relieve headaches and or jaw tension
- Help with stress and anxiety
- Helps calm the mind, true wellness
- Use in meditation or facial masks 
- Helps with redness and inflammation, menopausal skins
- Encourages healthy blood circulation
- Reduces dark circles under the eyes
- Reduces oil flow and pore size
- Reduce sinus headaches