We are lucky to be the direct link to the factory for all our Products (images are of our popular items for Private Label).  We either manufacturer in Mexico, North America or China.  Please consider the following when looking into Private Label.

  • MOQ will vary depending on product requested
  • Packaging MOQ is often much higher than the product MOQ - we recommend several packaging options to help solve this problem or extra cost
  • Quotes can be given for LCL, DDP or EXF
  • Prices can also be quoted in AUD or USD
  • Manufacturing time is often 25-30 days once deposit of 30% is paid
  • Freight or Delivery time will also vary depending if by Air or Sea (sea freight is  often 4 - 6 weeks depending on weather and or holidays in country)
  • Please try and give yourself atleast an extra 2 - 4 weeks for unforeseen problems such as public holidays in country, weather, elections, quality control, quarantine in Australia

Please send your email enquiry to us at info@deveneys.com